Tournament Dates:
 July 18th - 20th 2024

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    Wildcatters FAQs

    Can I play with whomever I want?

    The Wildcatters Golf Tournament is a unique experience for our tournament participants.  In this tournament, you will be randomly paired with 3 other golfers to make up your tournament foursome.  Each foursome will consist of an “A” player, “B” player, “C” player and “D” player based on handicap level of experience. The Board tries to ensure your foursome has players that work in other facets of the oil and gas industry. This optimizes each player’s ability to network and meet individuals from and throughout all sectors of the industry.

    Can I register a whole team?

    No. In the Wildcatters Golf Tournament each entry is for one playing position.  You (one person) are randomly selected to play with three different players from other sectors of the oilfield industry as described above to makeup a four-person team.

    How do I get a permanent playing position?

    The permanent playing position is extremely coveted, limited in number and sometimes difficult to win.  Register for the tournament at under the “Standby Player Registration” option.  This will automatically place you in our lottery style drawing to have a permanent playing position. The yearly drawing is intended to fill our tournament, as there are players that will not be playing in the tournament any longer due to: Retirement, leaving the industry, moving, etc.

    If I do not get a permanent playing spot what happens next?

    After the permanent spots have been filled by the drawing for the year, you still have a chance for a one time “temporary playing spot”.  There may still be quite a few players that can’t play that year for various reasons. At that time, we continue to draw until all empty spots are full. If you are selected for a “Temporary Playing Spot” you simply pay $400.00 and you’re in the tournament for that one year.

    How does my company get a company playing spot?

    Company playing spots are limited as well and if you had one the previous year, you usually have first right of refusal to keep it for the current year.  To get a chance for a company playing spot, you have to register for the tournament under the “company standby” registration and pay a non-refundable $350.00 fee to be put on the waiting list.  If a company that already has a company playing spot decides not to keep their spot for the current year, they will forfeit their current and future rights to that company spot.  At that time, we will select a company that has successfully registered online and paid the $350.00 fee and offer it to them.  If they accept the opening, they will need to pay an additional $350.00, for a total of $700.00, which is our company playing fee and the spot is theirs to award to anyone of their choosing as long as they are actively employed by an oil and gas company. 

    How do I pay?

    There are three ways you can pay your fees.  1. You can pay by check and mail it to Wildcatters Golf Tournament, PO Box 787, Casper WY 82602.  2. On our webpage at on the home page there is a “Pay Now” button on the bottom right where you can enter your credit card information.  3.  You can give your credit card information to a current board member and we can run your card and email you a receipt. 

    As a permanent player, how do I register?

    As a permanent player you can register on our website,, and select tournament registration.  You will need your username and password.  PLEASE NOTE – WHEN YOU REGISTER, CHECK YOUR NAME, COMPANY, CELL, EMAIL ADDRESS & HANDICAP to make sure they are up to date.   We use this database to contact everyone and print off items for the tournament, so making sure all your information is correct is greatly appreciated. 

    I can’t remember my username or password, now what?

    If you cannot remember your username, password or having difficulties, you can select “Contact” in our banner and send us an email.  It will notify us and we can reset your password at this time so you can register. 

    How does my company become a sponsor?

    If you or your company would like to become a sponsor of our tournament, there is a “Sponsors” tab on our website,, that will allow you to look at the various levels of sponsorship, enter your information, and pay via credit card at this time if you would like.  If you would like more information or would like to discuss in greater detail, you can email us at the “Contact” link on our banner or you can call one of our Board of Directors, which has our names and cell numbers on our webpage. 

    How do I schedule a practice round tee time?

    To schedule a practice round, there is contact information on our website homepage on the very bottom right.  Reach out to one of these board members listed and they can assist with scheduling the practice round.  Due to the size of the tournament, at times it is a challenge to accommodate all the golfers during the practice round.  To assist with this, we have a few guidelines to help make it go as smoothly as we can.  1. Practice round available times are first come, first serve until the Casper Country Club says we are at maximum capacity.  2. When you call to schedule your practice round, you will need all 4 golfers names at this time.  You will not be able to register a complete foursome without names of all four golfers.  This is important to make sure we aren’t double booking and can try our best to accommodate everyone.  3. The practice round is limited to current golfers who are participating in this year’s tournament.  Due to the full schedule during the practice round, we have to limit it to only participating players.

    Welcome to the Wildcatters Golf Tournament